weekly bulletin


Welcome to the 2018/19 season, we are now just under 3 weeks away from the kick off and there is the usual preseason meeting in a couple of weeks, details below.



We will be using the Football Mitoo website again this season and passwords will be issued to Clubs nearer to the start of the season (warning the Club passwords change each season so do not try to use last seasons to gain access), the site is still currently under construction so is only available to League Officers, it will be opened up for public view as soon as possible. The direct link to the site is:




Please note the Pre season Council meeting will take place at Abbey Rangers Football Club, Addlestone Moor, Addlestone, KT15 2QH on Wednesday 8th  August 2018, starting at 7.30 pm, as usual food will be supplied after the meeting. official notice will be issued in the next few days.



Don’t forget that each Club must have deposited 11 registrations per team with the League at least 7 days before the season starts, if you have any already these can be handed to the Registration Secretary at the above meeting, or sent to him in advance. Don’t forget we have a new Registration Secretary this season details are: BILL COMBEN, 7 Woosfield Way, Redhill, Surrey RH1 2DP,

Telephone  H. 01737 772172, M. 07739 174952, Email:     bill@comben.org.uk



As per the AGM the Intermediate Division will start with 16 teams and the Reserve Division with 13 teams.



League fixtures in the Intermediate Division start on Saturday 18th August 2018, with the Reserve Division starting 2 weeks later on 1st September 2018.

Fixtures for the first week of the season will be issued shortly, with a further preliminary round of the FA Cup scheduled for 25th August, fixtures for that date cannot be allocated until after the initial preliminary round scheduled for 11th august has been played.

Please ensure that the comments / requests on the Fixture Bulletin issued are noted and adhered to and or complied with.



Referees fees will remain at £40.00 per game this season. Please make sure that the correct amount is available, the fee should be offered before the game or immediately after, do not make referees chase around after Club Officials to obtain payment nor to have to wait around after the game while there is a “whip- round” in the changing room, resulting in the referee possibly leaving the ground with a pocket full of “shrapnel”!



It is intended to issue a weekly bulletin on a Sunday throughout the season’ except where there is a Bank Holiday, when it will be issued immediately after, the games on those dates, this will cover results, notices, fixture changes and changes of referees etc, with batches of fixtures from time to time. The Bulletin will be sent to all League Officers and Club Secretaries and those who received it last season plus / minus any amendments I have been asked to make following the recent email sent to all clubs, I have presumed that any Clubs who have not replied are happy with the persons already nominated, but it is not too late to make changes if there are others in your Club who you wish to receive a copy, please just advise the League Secretary so that they can be added to the distribution lists, similarly if anyone no longer needs a copy or is no longer part of your Club please advise so that they can be deleted from the lists.



A reminder that results should be texted to Roger Hall the Results Secretary on 07887 730218 before 5.30pm, on a Saturday, allowances will obviously be made where a club have had to hire a pitch, resulting in games having to kick off later than normal.



Kick off times are included in the Rules, and must be adhered to as far as possible, there will be times when kick offs have to be varied such as early & late season when clubs may have to hire pitches and that has to be accepted. If for any reason a Club need to amend their kick off time the reason needs to be advised to the League who will give permission. Kick off times may not be amended purely because a team would prefer to kick off at a different time. Although times are set for Bank Holiday games, if Clubs wish to amend the times subject to mutual agreement this is acceptable. Any changes of kick off times must be advised to the League so that the website can be amended accordingly



As soon as you receive the handbook please check the information for your Club and advise any changes or errors so that these can be distributed as soon as possible. If there have been any changes since the information for the handbook was supplied please advise before the meeting on 8th August and an amendment sheet can be issued with the handbooks on that evening.



In addition to the above, it is most important that any changes to the information published in the handbook are advised to the League Secretary without delay during the course of the season so that these can be issued out with the next Bulletin, and it is equally important that all club members who need to know of changes are kept advised. Temporary absences of the main Club contact during the season with alternative contact(s) also need to be advised.



A reminder that any suspensions or part of suspensions carried over from last season will take effect from the start of League Fixtures for whichever team they were incurred for, the only exception to this is if any time based suspensions for misconduct offences have been imposed in which case specific dates will have probably been issued. The information on the website will be updated each week.



Any Clubs suspended by their parent FA, must clear the suspension by the close of business on a Thursday or in some cases midday Friday or remain under suspension until it is cleared. Any Clubs in this competition who find themselves suspended will have the games scheduled for that weekend awarded to their opponents as unfulfilled fixtures, and could incur further fines and or expenditure to cover any loss by their opponents. Any Clubs currently under suspension with their County FA, are reminded of the need to clear these suspensions as soon as possible and definitely before the League season starts or before any preseason friendly games are played, as such suspensions are from “ALL FOOTBALL”.



This season only AFC Cubo in the Intermediate Division will be playing all their games on a 3G pitch, other Clubs / Teams who may need to obtain alternative pitches are given permission to use artificial pitches, they are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that opponents and the match referee are made aware of the footwear requirements for the particular surface.



Don’t forget these forms as fully completed as possible need to be exchanged at least 30 minutes before the game in the presence of the Referee. Club copies must be sent to the Registration Secretary within four days of the game. Again this season the Referees copy will be sent to the League Secretary who will extract any fines and pass these on to Clubs as soon as possible on a regular basis. On Club copies, away teams must ensure that their copy is honestly FULLY completed and this includes the section regarding the facilities etc, this information is frequently used to either back up or rescind fines imposed from the referees copies.

Teams sheets must be prepared on arrival at the ground and should not be pre signed by players before arrival.



Hope to see everyone at the meeting on the 8th when team sheet pad and new season handbooks will be distributed.


Gordon Worsfold