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Management Committee Meeting

Management Committee meeting Wednesday 3rd May 2017

at Abbey Rangers FC, Addlestone Moor Addlestone KT15 2QH,

commencing at 7.30 pm.


Provisional Agenda


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Minutes of previous meeting – 5th April 2017


  1. Matters Arising


  1. Officers Reports


  1. A) Chairman


  1. B) Secretary (including financial penalties for Unfulfilled fixtures,                 ineligible player, and failing to deal with League Business)


  1. C) Treasurer


  1. D) Fixture Secretary


  1. E) Registration Secretary


  1. F) Referees Secretary


  1. G) Results Secretary


  1. H) League Development Officer


  1. League Development Plan update


  1. Step 6 & 7 Update


  1. Any Other Business


  1. a) Possible Rule changes


8      Close meeting


Gordon Worsfold


Gordon Worsfold

Hon Secretary / Treasurer


Full Council Meeting

Dear Club Secretary / League Officer,


Please note that a Full Council Meeting will take place on Wednesday 3rd August 2016, commencing at 7.30 pm at Abbey Rangers Football Club, Addlestone Moor, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2QH.




As this is the first meeting of the new season, this is an appropriate time to remind all member Clubs that there are only THREE meetings each year which they have to attend: – this preseason meeting in August, a Special General Meeting in May to deal with proposed rule changes immediately followed by a Full Council meeting to close the season and in June – the  Annual General Meeting. It should be remembered that attendance at these meetings is a CLUB responsibility, and not the sole responsibility of the Club Secretary, if he or she is not available then another member should be prepared to attend on behalf of the Club.


At the meeting, handbooks for season 2016/2017 will be distributed, these will be issued on the basis of three handbooks per team per club* (i.e. 2 teams = 6 handbooks), pads of result sheets for the season will also be issued on the basis of one per team per Club, plus any other documentation that is available or required. In addition the “bibs” for the Reserve Division plus new teams will also be issued, these are to be worn by substitutes and Club Officials on the bench as per Criteria item 1.10.


Due to the necessity of the meeting being earlier than most Competitions due to the early start date, Surrey County Handbooks for season 2016/17 for those who have ordered a paper copy will not be available, these will be issued at a later date either at other League meetings where Clubs have an involvement or posted out from the County Office or printers direct as is appropriate.


Clubs are also reminded that League Rules call for a minimum of 11 completed registration forms per team per club to be supplied to the League Registration Secretary at least SEVEN days before the commencement of the season, which starts on 13th August, the latest date therefore being 6th August, however the Registration Secretary will be happy to receive these at the above meeting or before if you have any ready. If posted please ensure the correct postage is applied to the envelope to avoid problems.


Several clubs have still not paid their League fees for the coming season so if these have not been paid prior to the meeting please ensure that payment is made on 3rd August.


Yours sincerely,


Gordon Worsfold





*additional copies will be available to purchase if the allocation is considered insufficient.

Meeting Minutes 02/2016



Minutes of a Meeting held at Abbey Rangers F.C. on Wednesday 3rd February 2016 at 7.30 p.m.

Present:- Messrs. H.Taylor (Chairman), R.Brum, B.Cole, B.Comben, G.Ellis, D.Lewis, G.W.Worsfold and J.A.Young.

AFC Cubo – Messrs. O.Watkins (Chairman) and G.Stewart (Treasurer) were present for Minute 14.

Before the commencement of the Meeting the Chairman extended a warm welcome to the League’s President, Mr. B.Cole.

  1. AFC CUBO.

Representatives of AFC Cubo had been invited to attend the Management Committee Meeting in order to discuss the Club’s failure to fulfil its match in the League Cup on 2nd January 2016 and in view of its past record and the availability of a ground for the 2016/2017 Season that meets with the League’s criteria at Step 7 of the National League System, the current ground being unavailable due to work being carried out by Thames Water. It was emphasised that to play at Step 7 it was necessary for Clubs to play on Bank Holiday’s and the AFC Cubo representatives gave details of its recruitment procedure and its commitment to the League. After a general discussion it was agreed that the Club would probably play at Alleyns School next Season and that it would be necessary for a ground inspection to be carried out as soon as possible.

The Management Committee then dealt with the failure of AFC Cubo to fulfil its League Cup match against Balham F.C. on 2nd January 2016 including the Club’s explanation. It was agreed that the Club was guilty of a breach of League Rule 8 (F) (i), that it be fined £100 (with £50 suspended for the remained of the 2015/2016 Season) and that the tie be awarded to Balham F.C.


Apologies for absence had been received from Messrs. T.Ford and R.Nobrega.


The Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held on 2nd December 2015 were received. It was pointed out that an addition was required to Minute 10 with subsequent re-numbering. The corrections would be carried out and circulated to all Members for final approval.


Any matters arising would be covered on the Agenda.


(a) Chairman. Nothing to report.

(b) Secretary. Mr. G.W.Worsfold reported on the following matters:-

(i) Appeal (Reference Minute 10 (b)). A Board of Appeal of the Surrey County F.A. on 8th December 2015 had dismissed the appeal lodged by Virginia Water F.C.

(ii) Horsley F.C. A request by Horsley F.C. not to be given a home fixture on 30th April 2016 had been turned down unless the Club could find an alternative venue that met the League’s criteria.

(iii) Virginia Water F.C. v Reigate Priory F.C. The fixture on 30th January 2016 had been played on the 3G pitch at Royal Holloway University without the League being notified and that refreshments had not been supplied. It was agreed that Virginia Water F.C. charged with failing to attend to League business. (Mr. B.Comben did not take part in this item).

(c) Treasurer. The bank balance stood at £21,201.57 and all fines had been issued to date.

(d) Fixture Secretary. Mr. G.Ellis reported that in the Intermediate Division 65% of fixtures had been completed though there was some concern over the home fixtures of Horsley F.C. In the Reserve Division 59% of matches had been played. Double headers were now being arranged in order to help Battersea Ironsides F.C., Horsley F.C. and Worcester Park F.C. The League’s two Cup Finals will be played at Carshalton Athletic F.C. on 27th April and 2nd May 2016. There are still three Clubs involved in the Surrey County F.A. Intermediate Cup.

(e) Registration Secretary. The following were reported:-

(i) There were currently 1,197 players registered with the League.

(ii) Battersea Ironsides F.C. (4) v AFC Spelthorne Sports (0) – 30th January 2016. For an admitted breach of League Rule 8 (O)(i) in having played an unregistered player a fine of £10 was imposed on AFC Spelthorne Sports.

(iii) Horsley F.C. For failing to pay the correct postage when submitting a player’s registration form it was confirmed that Horsley F.C. must pay the postage due amount of £1.50 to the League.

(iv) Tooting Bec F.C. Reserves (1) v Farleigh Rovers F.C. Reserves (2) – 9th January 2016. For a breach of League Rule 8 (B) (ii) for failing to ensure that an emergency registration form was countersigned Tooting Bec F.C. was fined £10.

(v) Farleigh Rovers F.C. Reserves (2) v Warlingham F.C. Reserves (4) – 5th December 2015. For a breach of League Rule 8 (O) (i) in having played an unregistered player Farleigh Rovers F.C. was fined £10

(f) Referees Secretary. Whilst all matches are being covered there is still concern at the number of referees calling off at short notice and the late closure of dates by level 4 officials. The League will probably have a smaller panel of referees for the 2016/2017 Season made up of level 5s but would not include those going from level 5 to 4.

(g) Results Secretary. No report had been received from Mr. R.Hall but he was keeping the League Secretary informed of late results so that the appropriate fines can be issued.

(h) League Development Office. Not present.


This item was taken in conjunction with the Step 6 and 7 update.



There had been a lack of interest from Member Clubs in respect of funds being available. The design of the League’s website was still progressing. Balham F.C. and Virginia Water F.C. had made application to the Combined Counties League. The official inspection of Virginia Water F.C.’s ground and facilities would take place on 4th February 2016. The Balham F.C.’s ground and facilities will be acceptable as they ground share at Cobham F.C. The sum of £2,000 had been received from the Small Works Fund and has been allocated to Ripley Village F.C. and Battersea Ironsides F.C. for work to be carried out on their facilities. There was a general discussion on possible applications by Clubs to join the League and Clubs that may be relegated to the League.




The Meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.



Meeting Minutes 11/2015



Minutes of a Meeting held at Abbey Rangers F.C. on Wednesday 2nd November 2015 at 7.30 p.m.

Present:- Messrs. H.Taylor (Chairman), R.Brum, G.Ellis, V.Keefe, D.Lewis, G.W.Worsfold and J.A.Young.


Apologies for absence had been received from Messrs. B.Comben, A.Constable, T.Ford and R.Nobrega.


The Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held on 7th October 2015 were signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


(a) Virginia Water F.C. (Reference Minute 4 (a)). The Chairman would deal with this under his Report.

(b) Bank Account (Reference Minute 4 (c)). This was still being looked into.

(c) Tooting Bec F.C. v Virginia Water F.C. – 5th September 2015 (Reference Minute 4 (e) (vii)). Virginia Water F.C. had lodged an appeal with the Surrey County F.A. against the decision of the Management Committee. This would be dealt with under the Secretary’s Report.


(a) Chairman. Mr. H.Taylor reported on the following:-

(i) The Meeting with the Management Committee of Virginia Water F.C. was held on 15th October 2015 and he had attended with Mr. J.A.Young. It would appear that the Club was moving in the right direction and was getting its administration in order.

(ii) A Meeting with the Joint Liaison Committee comprising of representatives of the Combined Counties League, the Hampshire Premier League, the Middlesex County League and the Surrey Elite Intermediate Football League had been held at Camberley Town F.C. on 2nd November 2015. Topics discussed had included the Step 5/6 Conference (July 2015), Step 5/6 Focus Group (September 2015), the Whole Game System, Respect, Movement of Clubs and Referee issues. The next Meeting would be on 21st March 2016.

(b) Secretary. The appeal lodged by Virginia Water F.C. was discussed in depth. The Hearing would be at the Surrey County F.A. on Tuesday 8th December 2015.

(c) Treasurer. Mr. G.W.Worsfold reported that the issuing of fines was up to date. The first payment of the administration grant of £3,000 had been received from The Football Association. The current bank balance stood at £18,654.74.

(d) Fixture Secretary. Mr. G.Ellis gave a report on County Cups. In the Intermediate Division 48% of fixtures had been played with 41% in the Reserve Division. Whilst it had been necessary for some Clubs to play more home matches and some more away fixtures there were only one or two Clubs where there was concern over them being able to complete their fixtures. The position would be kept under review.

(e) Registration Secretary.

(i) There were currently 1,106 player registrations.

(ii) Abbey Rangers F.C. Reserves v AFC Spelthorne Sports Reserves (0 – 1) – 21st November 2015. Following a complaint lodged with the League it was established that AFC Spelthorne Sports F.C. had played a player under an assumed name who was not registered. For breaches of League Rules 8 (O) (i) and (ii) AFC Spelthorne Sports F.C. was fined £30, three points were deducted from its score and three points were awarded to Abbey Rangers F.C.

(f) Referees Secretary. There was no report from Mr. R.Hall but all fines for late results were being imposed.

(g) League Development Officer. Mr. R.Nobrega had been asked to continue with his work in the League’s website.


The Chairman reported on the Meeting with The Football Association. Whilst the Administration Grant had been received there was a need for all requirements to be specified in detail. Clubs have been notified that the League can offer financial support in respect of attendance at coaching and first aid courses and pitch inspections. AFC Cubo, Battersea Ironsides F.C. and Ripley Village F.C. have been advised on work required to their facilities which can be financed with help from The Football Association and the League.


The Combined Counties League had contacted the League in respect of the possible promotion and relegation of Clubs for the 2016/2017 Season. There was a general discussion in respect of the merits of Clubs either joining or leaving the League for next Season.




The Meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 10/2015





Minutes of a Meeting held at Abbey Rangers F.C. on Wednesday

7th October 2015 at 7.30 p.m.


Present:- Messrs. D.Lewis (in the Chair), R.Brum, B.Comben, G.W.Worsfold and J.A.Young.


Apologies for absence had been received from Messrs. A.Constable, G.Ellis, T.Ford, R.Hall, V.Keefe, R.Nobrega and H.Taylor.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th May 2015 were signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


(a) Virginia Water F.C. (Reference Minute 42(b)). All of the fines imposed upon Virginia Water F.C. had been paid and the Club’s Membership of the League was now on a probationary basis in accordance with the Report of 5th May 2015.

(b) Club Inspections (Reference Minute 43). The inspections had been carried out on 15th May 2015. It was recommended that the applications for Membership received from Chobham Burymead F.C. and Godalming and Farncombe F.C. be accepted and the application from Laleham F.C. be refused.


(a) Chairman. In the absence of Mr.H.Taylor it was reported that the Meeting with the Management Committee of Virginia Water F.C. had still to be arranged. (This was subsequently arranged for 15th October 2015).

(b) Secretary. Mr. G.W.Worsfold reported on the follows matters:-

(i) AFC Spelthorne Sports had failed to fulfill a Reserve Division fixture at Horsley F.C. on 19th September 2015. For a breach of League Rule 8(F)(i) it was decided that AFC Spelthorne Sports be fined £20.

(ii) Tooting Bec F.C. Reserves had won the Spring League.

(c) Treasurer. The balance at the bank currently stood at £15,586.99. There was one set of fines to be issued. It was agreed to persue a change of bank account.

(d) Fixture Secretary. A report from Mr.G.Ellis was circulated. Apart from one postponed match and one unfulfilled match there had been no fixture problems though there may be some re-arranged matches in the near future due to County Cup ties. Kick-off times had been confirmed with Clubs. Mr. Ellis will be absent from the Management Committee Meeting on 4th November 2015.

(e) Registration Secretary. The following matters were dealt with:-

(i) The number of player registrations to date was 1046.

(ii) Virginia Water F.C. v Godalming and Farncombe F.C. – 3rd October 2015. Godalming and Farncombe F.C. reported that the Club had played the player Sean Keeley in the match without being registered. For a breach of League Rule 8(O)(i) the Club was fined £15.

(iii) Battersea Ironsides F.C. Reserves v AFC Spelthorne Sports Reserves – 29th August 2015. AFC Spelthorne Sports had submitted four emergency registrations contrary to League Rule 8(B)(ii). Whilst two of the registrations could be accepted of the other two only one player actually took part in the match. For a breach of Rule in respect of one player a fine of £10 was imposed,

(iv) Abbey Rangers F.C. Reserves v Battersea Ironsides F.C. Reserves – 12th September 2015. An allegation had been received that Abbey Rangers F.C. had played an unregistered player under an assumed name in the match. The allegation was found

to be without foundation and no action was taken.

(v) Tooting Bec F.C. The Registration Secretary had to collect four envelopes from Tooting Bec F.C. from the Royal Mail in view of insufficient postage being attached at a total charge of £4.44. For a breach of League Rule 5(H) for failing to attend to the business of the League it was agreed that Tooting Bec F.C. be find £10 and to re-imburse the cost of postage paid by the League.

(vi) Merrow F.C. Reserves v Worcester Park F.C. Reserves – 5th September 2015. Merrow F.C. played the player Shaun Brown in the match under an assumed named and whilst he was not registered with the League. For a breach of League Rule 8(O)(i) Merrow F.C. was fined £30. As the player in question had been sent off in the match the Surrey County F.A. was informed and the player Shaun Brown subsequently received a three match suspension.

(vii) Tooting Bec F.C. Reserves v Virginia Water F.C. Reserves – 5th September 2015. Virginia Water F.C. played the player Matt Hargreaves in the match whilst he was not registered with the League. For a breach of League Rule 8(O)(i) the Club was fined £15, three points were deducted from its total and the points awarded to Tooting Bec F.C.

(f) Referees Secretary. It had been possible to cover all matches despite some referees not closing their dates with the League and also not accepting appointments.

(g) Results Secretary. Whilst no report had been received from Mr.R.Hall Clubs will be reminded of League Rule 11(B) requiring match results to be text to the Results Secretary by 5.30 p.m.

(h) League Development Officer. Mr.R.Nobrega had helped with the production of the League’s Development Plan which is due to be presented to The Football Association on 22nd October 2015. Copies of the Plan were distributed to the Members of the Management Committee.


The League Secretary gave a brief update. Step 6 Clubs without floodlights must have all facilities in place by 31st March 2016. The next F.A. Conference for Step 7 Leagues is scheduled for 15th to 17th July 2016.


(a) Godalming and Farncombe F.C. had been given advise on the procedure to be followed in respect of alleged illegal approaches to a number of their registered players.

(b) It was agreed that any future change of Meeting venue should be discussed by the Management Committee.

The Meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.