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10th SEASON 2017 – 2018 BULLETIN No. 16


Richard’s father has had a fall and broken his collar bone, as a result Richard is spending much of his time at his Dads home looking after him, but there is no internet connection available. Richard is trying to get home every few days to deal with outstanding emails etc, but if matters are urgent please telephone or text him.



The Fixture Secretary’s email problem has been sorted, normal service is resumed.



With construction work started this week being carried out at the ground which is expected to last into February 2018, there will be limited parking space available in the ground, due to contractors equipment and materials etc, being stored. Parking will have to be in nearby streets which may be difficult at times so when playing away or refereeing there please ensure you give yourselves enough time to find somewhere to park, to avoid games kicking off late.



Some Clubs may remember the name STAN CHURCHILLMANN, the Secretary of Tooting & Mitcham Wanderers, who were looking to join this league after playing in the Middlesex County League, and who several years ago caused a few problems by trying to get involved in matters relating to the league which were nothing to do with him. Tooting & Mitcham Wanderers failed to get started this season and he has been seen around other Clubs for no apparent reason, he has now been placed under Sine Die suspensions by SCFA for Football debts, so is banned from All Football activities and should not be entertained if he turns up at your game.



Below is the contents of an email received from the FA regarding the NLS and possible movements at the end of the 2017/18 season:

“Clubs are reminded that it may be necessary at the end of the current Season to consider the lateral movement of clubs between leagues at the various Steps within the National League System. Whilst it is too early to be more specific at this stage this is advance warning that this could occur and that your club may be one of the clubs that will be moved. Owing to the NLS restructure, it is likely that there will be more clubs than usual that will be laterally moved in the System. We would remind you that provision for lateral movement is included in the current Regulations for the Operation of the National League System.”



Saturday 16th December 2017

Intermediate Division

Delete       Godalming & F/combe Ath    v      Ripley Village

Delete       Merrow                                      v      Battersea Ironsides

Add           Merrow                                      v      Ripley Village                      Ref        E. Chimbima

Intermediate Division Challenge Cup Round 1

Royal Holloway O Boys v AFC Spelthorne Spts Delete P. Ashdown Add M. Coughlan

Surrey County FA Intermediate Cup Round 3

Add           Godalming & F/combe Ath    v      Battersea Ironsides      Ref    M. Feast

Reserve Division

Battersea Ironsides Res  v    Reigate Priory Res                               Ref Now     A. Goodrich

Ripley Village Res v      Farleigh Rovers Res   Delete   C. Blackie Add   G. Tomsett

Tooting Bec Res          v      Ash united Res    Delete       E. Delaney Add   R. Brum

Worcester Park Res     v      Merrow Res                                        Ref Now     N. Patterson



Saturday 9th December 2017

Intermediate Division

AFC Cubo                                   2      Spartans Youth                           0

AFC Spelthorne Sports                  6      Westside                                            1

Tooting Bec                                        7      Reigate Priory                                     0

Surrey County FA Intermediate Cup Round 3

Royal Holloway Old Boys              2      Chessington KC                           0

Keens Park Rangers                     5      Merrow                                              0

Ripley Village                                      0      Cranleigh                                   1

Colliers Wood United Res              7      Kew Park Rangers                               5

Sutton Common Rovers Res          1      Copthorne                                  3

Godalming & F/combe Ath            v      Battersea Ironsides                      post

Reserve Division

Ash United Res                            3      Ripley Village Res                         2

Battersea Ironsides Res                7      Sheerwater Res                           0

Merrow Res                                        v      Royal Holloway OB Res                 post

Reigate Priory Res                               1      Tooting Bec Res                          2



A reminder that after next Saturdays games (16/12), there will be no fixtures until Saturday 6th January 2018, so enjoy the break. For anyone holding a League Trophy if you start to suffer from “withdrawal symptoms” on 23rd or 30th December, this is a good opportunity to get the trophy out and give it a good clean in readiness for its return by 1st February 2018.



Attached / enclosed fixtures for 6th & 13th January 2018.





                                                                        PL    W     D        L    GF    GA GD   PTS

1    ROYAL HOLLOWAY OLD BOYS               14     10     1        3    34     18       16          31

2    TOOTING BEC                                     11       8    3        0    34       7      27          27

3    AFC SPELTHORNE SPORTS                    14       8    2        4    33     22       11          26

4    AFC CUBO                                          16       7    3        6    38     30         8          24

5    BATTERSEA IRONSIDES                        13       8    0        5    26     24         2          24

6    GODALMING & FARNCOMBE ATH    12       7    2        3    26     17         9    23

7    RIPLEY VILLAGE                                  11       6    2        3    41     21       20          20

8    N P L                                                         12       6    2        4    33     24            9    20

9    LALEHAM                                                   13       6    2        5    26     24            2    20

10     CHESSINGTON KC                                       11       4    2        5    26     21            5    14

11     SPARTANS YOUTH                               14       4    2        8    26     28        -2          14

12     WESTSIDE                                          13       2    2        9    15     36     -21            8

13     MERROW                                                    12       1    1      10       9    37        -28       4

14     REIGATE PRIORY                                 14       1    0      13       9    67     -58            3



                                                                        PL    W     D        L    GF    GA GD   PTS

1    TOOTING BEC RES                               12     11     0        1    42     15       27          33

2    BATTERSEA IRONSIDES RES         12       8    0        4    46     21       25     24

3    FARLEIGH RES                                    13       7    3        2    36     27         9          24

4    WORCESTER PARK RES                11       6    1        4    32     21       11     19

5    COLLIERS WOOD UNITED RES               10       5    2        3    36     21       15          17

6    ASH UNITED RESERVES                        11       5    2        3    27     21         6          17

7    MERROW RES                                             12       4    3        5    18     20           -2    15

8    REIGATE PRIORY RES                           11       3    3        5    29     33        -4          12

9    SUTTON COMMON ROVERS RES            12       3    3        6    30     38        -8          12

10     ROYAL HOLLOWAY OLD BOYS RES 11       3    3        5    29     60     -31     12

11     SHEERWATER RES                                       12       2    0      10     14     43        -29       6

12     RIPLEY VILLAGE RES                            13       1    2      10     23     42     -19            5

21/10/17 Abandoned Ash United Res v Farleigh Rovers Res VOID


Management Committee Meeting

Management Committee meeting Wednesday 3rd May 2017

at Abbey Rangers FC, Addlestone Moor Addlestone KT15 2QH,

commencing at 7.30 pm.


Provisional Agenda


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Minutes of previous meeting – 5th April 2017


  1. Matters Arising


  1. Officers Reports


  1. A) Chairman


  1. B) Secretary (including financial penalties for Unfulfilled fixtures,                 ineligible player, and failing to deal with League Business)


  1. C) Treasurer


  1. D) Fixture Secretary


  1. E) Registration Secretary


  1. F) Referees Secretary


  1. G) Results Secretary


  1. H) League Development Officer


  1. League Development Plan update


  1. Step 6 & 7 Update


  1. Any Other Business


  1. a) Possible Rule changes


8      Close meeting


Gordon Worsfold


Gordon Worsfold

Hon Secretary / Treasurer


Full Council Meeting

Dear Club Secretary / League Officer,


Please note that a Full Council Meeting will take place on Wednesday 3rd August 2016, commencing at 7.30 pm at Abbey Rangers Football Club, Addlestone Moor, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2QH.




As this is the first meeting of the new season, this is an appropriate time to remind all member Clubs that there are only THREE meetings each year which they have to attend: – this preseason meeting in August, a Special General Meeting in May to deal with proposed rule changes immediately followed by a Full Council meeting to close the season and in June – the  Annual General Meeting. It should be remembered that attendance at these meetings is a CLUB responsibility, and not the sole responsibility of the Club Secretary, if he or she is not available then another member should be prepared to attend on behalf of the Club.


At the meeting, handbooks for season 2016/2017 will be distributed, these will be issued on the basis of three handbooks per team per club* (i.e. 2 teams = 6 handbooks), pads of result sheets for the season will also be issued on the basis of one per team per Club, plus any other documentation that is available or required. In addition the “bibs” for the Reserve Division plus new teams will also be issued, these are to be worn by substitutes and Club Officials on the bench as per Criteria item 1.10.


Due to the necessity of the meeting being earlier than most Competitions due to the early start date, Surrey County Handbooks for season 2016/17 for those who have ordered a paper copy will not be available, these will be issued at a later date either at other League meetings where Clubs have an involvement or posted out from the County Office or printers direct as is appropriate.


Clubs are also reminded that League Rules call for a minimum of 11 completed registration forms per team per club to be supplied to the League Registration Secretary at least SEVEN days before the commencement of the season, which starts on 13th August, the latest date therefore being 6th August, however the Registration Secretary will be happy to receive these at the above meeting or before if you have any ready. If posted please ensure the correct postage is applied to the envelope to avoid problems.


Several clubs have still not paid their League fees for the coming season so if these have not been paid prior to the meeting please ensure that payment is made on 3rd August.


Yours sincerely,


Gordon Worsfold





*additional copies will be available to purchase if the allocation is considered insufficient.

SEIFL – Eighth Annual General Meeting

Dear Club Secretary / League Officer,

The Eighth Annual General Meeting of the League will be held on WEDNESDAY 15th JUNE 2016, at ABBEY RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB, Addlestone Moor, Addlestone, Surrey

KT15 2DA commencing at 7.30 PM.


Following the Annual General Meeting there will be a Full Council Meeting.

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